Technical Innovation Is In Our Nature

The Gordon System

In the gunpowder and shotshell industry, Baschieri & Pellagri has been synonymous with innovation and new product development since the beginning. From decade to decade, the company has offered ever-higher-performing powders and shotshell ammunition that are increasingly devoted to specific needs and shooting pursuits.

The 1970s saw the start of a series of trademark and patent registrations for shotshell components. In 1970 the first patent was registered for plastic wadding, a small but vital component for the efficiency of the shot, which comes in two versions - containing payloads intact for long shots and dispersing for short.

In 1979 under the brand name of Gordon SystemTM, The only real revolution in the history of shotshell case design was registered - an innovative inert element.

The internal base of the cartridge case has a distinctive conical profile and a progressively shock-absorbing spring that comes into action the moment the shot is fired. The Gordon case wad allows a reduction in the pressure developed but mainly limits the effects of recoil, making the shot softer while providing excellent performance.

The conical shape of the Gordon base wad optimizes the combustion of the powder and, consequently, the performance of the ammunition.

Given these characteristics, the Gordon SystemTM base wad can be considered a true and active component of the cartridge.

A variety of patents and registrations have been filed in several countries over the years, but in 2009, Baschieri & Pellagari registered an international trademark for the two- and three-dimensional base wads, which are fitted in the bottom of B&P cartridges.

The base is slightly larger in diameter than the body of the cylinder and is formed by four concentric rings.