The Future of Environmental Sustainability

Green Core

A Green Legacy

At Baschieri & Pellagri, innovation and a commitment to performance is in our DNA. We are proud to lead the way towards the future as a company and within our products. We are happy to announce the next generation of shotshell ammunition.

A project that began with excellence and reflects the credibility that has distinguished Baschieri & Pellagri since 1885. A team of engineers guided by responsibility for environmental sustainability and excellence.

Green Core is a completely bio-degradable shotshell wad that decomposes with exposure to bacteria found in nature and, at the same time, creates no micro-plastics. It is one of the first shotshell wads designed to provide superior performance while at the same time providing peace of mind to environmentally conscious shooters and hunters around the world.

Focused on performance, reliability, and the environment, the Green Core wad is denser than water and will sink immediately to the bottom of any waterway. Whether it is slaying clays at the range or pass-shooting on your favorite waterfowl, there is now a solution that yields dividends for passions and the environment.

Green Core Components

We offer a range of components made with 100% biodegradable materials. These componentswere developed in collaboration between the Baschieri & Pellagri Research and Development team and academic research institutes in Italy.

Representative Loads

We have developed a range of products utilizing the Green Core wad, which has technical performance in line with or better than traditional plastic wads currently being used. These components allow perfect ballistic performance in different climatic conditions, regardless of temperature and humidity.

Wad Steel
Wad Lead
Seal Felt Wad

(30" Circumference)
Ounces Material Shot Size Pellet Count Fps Distance (yds) Pellet Count Percent
Green Core Steel 1-1/8 Steel 3 227 1425 35 208 91.6%
Green Core Lead 7/8 Lead 7.5 350 1360 35 294 84.0%
Green Core Seal 7/8 Lead 7.5 350 1330 35 278 79.4%