Dual Bismuth

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Dual Bismuth

With bismuth being denser and softer than steel, it provides excellent penetration and high energy transfer. The double-layer payload, with different shot sizes, delivers homogeneous shot patterns and ensures the shot-killing power even at long distances.

The special Green Core wad guarantees optimum performance in different climatic conditions, regardless of temperature and humidity.


Product Description Product Code Gauge Case Brass Height Wad Shot Velocity FPS
Length Type Weight Type Sizes
Dual Bismuth 12B5DB43 12 2 3/4 G 20mm GC 1-1/5 oz Bismuth 4+3 1,350
Dual Bismuth 12B4DB43 12 3 G 20mm GC 1 oz Bismuth 4+3 1,350
Gordon Case