Research & Development

In a rapidly changing market, the ability to innovate is more and more important. The research team at B&P approaches the development of our products as more than just new products. We look for areas to innovate among both our existing products as well as designing for the future. Our engineering experts inside work together to exceed the demands of our customers with the best solutions to satisfy all shotshell disciplines.

The creation of a product with excellent performance and maximum reliability is based on continuous research, aimed at optimization and innovation. This includes rigorous review and vetting of raw materials, strategic components, and corporate production processes in order to ensure a finalized product. Baschieri & Pellagri’s track record in pursuing increasingly advanced levels of pushing shotshell innovation to new levels.  This translates to careful research of the raw materials, chemical composition, and the production process of the gunpowder we make to always achieve the best ballistic results.

Another example would be the development and implementation of new technical solutions for shotshell casing. Our development of the "Gordon System" demonstrates one of the most technically sophisticated shotshell innovations in the last 50 years. This revolutionary development turns a previously inert element into an active one by reducing felt recoil at the point of ignition. Our continuous research that has resulted in the development of an innovative production process for producing shot wadding and base wadding has led to the first compleetely biodegradable wad that functions as well, in not better the current plastic wads on the market.  

The history and passion for research and technology is woven into the DNA of Baschieri & Pellagri and translates into better products and a more enjoyable shooting experience in competition, in the field, or recreating with friends and family.