B&P Today

We specialize in the design and manufacture of cartridges that are unique in terms of design, technology, and performance.  Designed to make those who use them proud and accentuate their passion for the outdoors by providing an exceptional product experience.  We have been focused on defining and refining every single detail of our products since 1885.  It is not just the best looking shotshell cartridge on the market today, we back each and every B&P shotsell with quality components, meticulously made passion-specific powders, and precision loading to ensure your shooting pleasure.

Bashchieri & Pellagri is a company that maintains and enhances its histiry and heritage alongside with research, performance improvements and product excellence.  Strengthened by the experience gained in over a hundred years of love for the hunting and shooting world, we face each and every day with the challenge of continuing this legacy into the future with the same enthusiasm. 

For shooters and hunters, be they beginners or experts, B&P offers all an opportunity to improve their performance and grow their self-confidence. This allows all to have an exceptional expereince in every situation and at all times using B&P shotshells; soft shooting, consistent performance, and incomparable results!



To help people improve their shooting perfromance and increase self-confidence by allowing them to have an exceptional experience in every situation, every time.



We continuously work everyday committed to providing the best ammunition to all shooters and hunters.



  • Passion for excellence
  • Fair process: communication, transparency, coherence, authenticity, openness to change
  • People : involvement, professional growth, engagement and initiative
  • Full commitment for creation of sustainable value for all our stakeholders, driven by passion and positivity